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I hear the gods play games with the fates of men, and now indeed if it was written then let it be amen, but I choose to question, those who attempt to organise when freedom of religion equates to free enterprise, I've seen a man of forty spit hate at a girl of sixteen, screaming "ya dirty tarrier bitch, ya taig, epitome of fenian", when he's in his bed he says he'd proud to be a prod, wearing a sash of orange when he goes to meet his God, institutional fraud is what this man was representing, hidden behind walks and colours is centuries of meaningless hating, debating which it the true for of Christianity, but who are they to argue who don't worship with regularity? Irregularity and gaping holes are everywhere in their argument, handed down from father to son causes hatred to augment, emergency is imminent for liturgy, for clergy read clerical, it's hysterical, any man who wish to disagree please make a stand because it's easy to dismiss before you witness first hand, defend apologies made fifty years after genocide, tell that to the millions of souls who couldn't run and hide, you label a whole race as filth makers, then in the next sentence expect respect for concepts of creator? No room for debate or uncommon decency to listen, bigotry and racism masquerading as religion... Now conversation as a means to an end I defend, we can differ in opinion with no challenge for a duel my friend, I think you misread my stance on the matter, I don't claim to be authoritive or any kind of master, but I object to the idiots that pose as wise men, those that regurgitate the fables that have been drummed in, why are you walking round, talking like a stranger is your foe, just cos this man, and that man have been telling you so? Out you go, out the door with that bizarre type of reasoning, mister.... what's your views on the streets preaching?
Seasonal adjustments, my how things change, what a difference a day makes watch it rearrange everything, once in its place, now never to return, they say you learn from past mistakes but for the past I still yearn, though I lost my love in Philly I had to escape from New York, on my return to the Illadel I thought I heard the gunshots, or were they just knocks from a mans cell block? How was the banshee silenced, was the killer ever caught? I suffered my own murder, a life prematurely taken, was it six weeks or four months or nine days of faking? Who was mistaken, assassin or the victim? Or was it finely balanced at opposite ends of the spectrum? Most definitely apart longer than ever together if ever, the sin is it's now only the pain that I remember, was I dismembered? Did I lose my head? I hear the first cut is the deepest now I take it as read... I'm not returning from the dead, finally I'm joining the living, don't think I'll ever forget but I'd consider forgiving, considering it was the greatest height I'd ever fallen from, and it's taken time but now I know that life does go on, time heals all wounds and I think I've got plenty on my side, but I don't expect these scars to disappear overnight, and I recognise my plight as far from the worst, now I receive life diversity as a blessing not a curse...


As part of Southside Deluxe's Origins Series, we are making available a mixture of rarities, tracks you may have had on tape but lost, as well as some never-released-before music. Here we are delighted to be able to share a selection of tracks from Noize Creator Epik, recorded back in 1999.


released July 31, 2018

Written, produced and recorded by Noize Creator Epik at Amalgamation, Glasgow, 1999.
Covert art by Mistah Bohze and Noize Creator Epik.
Original cover photo courtesy of Shelltoe Mel.


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southside deluxe Glasgow, UK

Glasgow's legendary Southside Deluxe, Record label and home to Mistah Bohze, NC Epik, The Sentinalez, Scatabrainz, Grace Clones and Dunt.

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